I am one of  those people who leap out of bed each morning and hit the floor running.  Normally I don’t stop until I hit the bed at night.  It is hard for me to relax, I just don’t think to do it.  I really believe it is a learned behavior and I haven’t learned it yet.  On the weekends I sleep in, usually getting up around 7 or 7:30; anything later than that is not normal for me.  I fill my days trying to accomplish everything  John and I didn’t accomplish during the week.  Grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning, plus all the fun things that we want to do.  Sometimes by Sunday night I am more exhausted than if I would have just gone to work.

This Saturday I didn’t do that.  I got up at 7:00 as usual but I started my morning slow.  I had a cup of tea and I ate my breakfast on the patio.  John and I went to the grocery store and picked up a few things we needed for our dinner that night.  After the shopping was done, I went over to mom’s and had a nice relaxing visit with her.

When I got home from mom’s house John and I went over to the Community pool.  I slowly swam laps.  I didn’t try to race or break any records, I just swam.  We took reading material and stayed at the pool for a of couple hours.  There were very few people there so it was quiet and enjoyable.

After we got home I snuggled up in the chair in my office and started reading a book that I have been wanting to read for months.  My friend Pete is a writer and this is his 4th book published.  He writes a murder mystery series that is very entertaining.  (  I not only enjoy them because I know Pete, but also because they are a good read.  I bought this latest book when it first came out and have not taken time to sit and read.  I decided this was the day I was going to start reading this book.  I got to chapter 19 before I called it a night.

The day really was perfect.  I told John that it felt good to relax, to take the day slow and not plan every minute of every hour.  I need to do this more often.  None of the things that I fill my weekends with really matter.  I just put myself on automatic and I don’t stop.  This was step one in learning to slow down and enjoy my weekend.  I hope to have many more just like this!

So, that is your challenge this week.  Take one day and slow down.  You pick the day and define what slow down means to you.  Tell me what you did and how it worked for you!   It doesn’t have to be fancy, just honest!

Have fun!




6 thoughts on “SLOW DOWN

  1. Like you, I have lived a life on a race track of my own imagination. Now that I am closing in on 70, and desperately panicking over finishing my bucket list before I reach the Finish Line, I find the one thing that slows me down is reminding myself that my legacy will be for those whom I leave behind can finish what I started. It makes me laugh and think of God because that is what HE did for all of us. I so do love His footprints!

    • thanks for sharing Pat. You have left quite a legacy already, I can’t wait to see the next chapter! I do hope you are writing about your bucket list items as you complete them. You have inspired me for sure and I know many others. God bless you! xxoo

    • Loved them both Pat. You have certainly changed your life – there is hope for me yet!
      For those of you who haven’t visited Pat’s poetry, PLEASE DO! It is beautiful, her writing is amazing. You will love it, even if you are not a poetry person!
      lots of love to you Pat!

  2. God designed us to have a day of rest. That’s what the sabbath is. I always figure that if he took a rest after 6 days of work it’s probably a good idea for me too. I’m not always good at it, life gets in the way sometimes but I feel so much better and am more productive if I have some down time.

    Love this one! I hope you get lots more pool and reading time….

    • THANKS PATTI! you are right, we are supposed to take a day of rest. thanks for sharing!

      AMAAZING 3 PAT’S – is that all who read my blog is Pats? haha. We are the Jane’s and Sally’s and Karen’s? That is funny!

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