I haven’t blogged on this blog for quite a while, I am not sure why, but I am working to get back into the routine and share my thoughts again.  You have all had a break from my random thoughts!

Easter Sunday I was talking with my sisters and discussing that I haven’t had much to write about for a long time and didn’t know why.  Patti suggested that we each write a segment about a topic so that is what we have done.  Amazingly, we chose a food topic, how funny is that?!  The topic ended up being our favorite meal(s) growing up but we could spin the topic any way we wanted.  No restrictions here except it be family oriented.  So you will read from all three sisters and see how very similar and different we are.

My favorite meal growing up was mom’s lasagna.  Whenever I had a choice as to what dinner would be, that was always my pick.  Today I realize that I had no idea how expensive it was to make but I don’t remember ever not having it when it was requested.

Mom always made two huge pans of it.  The sauce was always from scratch, I’m not sure in those days if Ragu or Prego existed!  I remember the huge pans sitting on the dining room table and how much four hungry kids ate.  I still love lasagna although I haven’t eaten it in a very long time.

When we were older and had homes of our own, mom would make lasagna in smaller casseroles and we would bake it ourselves.  The first time she did this for me, I went home and threw it in the over to bake.  When I took the foil off, I found out that she covered it with plastic wrap first and then foil.  I baked the plastic wrap too!   It apparently wasn’t poisonous because I am still here!  Of course we ate the lasagna anyway!

Another favorite dish mom used to make was “city chicken” and I still love it.  She used to take chicken, pork and beef and skewer it and bake it with gravy.  I would love to tell you how to make it, and she even tried to teach me but for the life of me I do not remember.  I just love to eat it.

Mom always worked hard to cook good meals and it was impossible to please 4 picky kids.  She always cooked a meal and we always sat at the table as a family, 5 PM, always.  There was never a pot on the table; everything was in serving bowls, no paper plates.  She was and still is very particular about how her table was set.  That is one of those things that you don’t understand as a kid but as an adult looking back, it was really nice.  Thanks Mom.


My Favorite Food?

Not long ago my sisters and I were discussing favorites – everything and anything goes when we start talking.  Marilyn is the family blogger; Patti is the reader and I’m the family historian so there are a variety of interests to discuss.  Somehow, at Easter dinner, we were discussing Marilyn’s blogging and why she wasn’t posting the way she did a while back.  Thus, the suggestion that we each participate and share on a topic was made and that’s how food became the topic.

I don’t remember having a favorite food while we were growing up; only the foods that I hated and that caused a commotion every time they were served.  I know I loved lobster, clams, and crabs when we went out but nothing seems to pop into my head for dinner at home except that I HATED peas, lima beans, liver, and pot pies most of all.  Thus, the mealtime chaos ensued.  It took bottles of ketchup, gagging, mushrooms (they were hidden in food), and going to bed early – and sometimes hungry – because Daddy and I fought tooth and nail over my dislikes.   The odd thing is that I love the vegetables that everyone else hates, including Brussels Sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower.

As an adult, I still hate the foods I did as a child and, unfortunately, am allergic to iodine so lobster, clams, and crabs are forbidden foods.  Now, there are the foods I’ve discovered and the preparation of meals that makes life interesting.  I love to grill when the weather permits and have several other foods that only I make.  Raising children (and now grandsons) makes it a challenge to make comments about foods at a meal.  My kids understand my dislikes and each has developed a different like of foods too.  My daughter loves peas and a lot of others but my son hates most vegetables. Now it’s their turn to pass on the food legacy.  Sorry kids and – Good Luck!


When I was about 10 years old my mom and I went out to lunch together.  Just the two of us.  We had never done that before and never did it after that time.  We went to a place I believe was called the Longwood Hotel.  It was a very old traditional Florida building.  It was two-story, built from wood and painted white…or maybe grey.  There were beautiful old oak shade trees around it.  I don’t remember, but I’ll bet there was Spanish moss hanging from them.  We got dressed up, we wore dresses and mom wore high healed shoes.  We never went out to eat, so to go out to such a nice place, just the girls…I thought it was just the most special thing in the world to do.  There are only two things I remember about the meal.  One was that they brought us a finger bowl, a bowl of water with rose petals in it and a dry cloth to wash our hands after the meal and before dessert.  How elegant is that?  The other thing I remember is that they served the most delicious little tiny peas.  They were the best things.  Years later I had those peas again…they came in a little silver can.  Who knew?  I still love those peas.  And every time I make them I think of that lunch.  Paula Deen has a recipe in her book called Paula Deen Celebrates!  It calls for two 14.5 oz cans of LeSueur peas well-drained, 4 tablespoons of butter and salt and pepper.  She says “Don’t laugh, My family loves these as much as anything fresh I make”.  Maybe it’s a Southern thing.

Thanks Barb and Patti for sharing your stories.  Now it’s YOUR turn to share.  Send a comment, as long as you like, and share a favorite food related memory from your past.  Like it or not, food is a memory maker!  I’d love to hear about your memories.  Don’t be afraid.  Memories are hugs when you share them!





  1. Marilyn,
    You know my mom was an awesome cook and there are so many things that I loved that I have tried to duplicate, but somehow they are just not the same! Of all things however, my favorite meal and best memories are of cold winter days when mom and dad would pull out the lunchmeat and cheese, mom’s homemade soup (doesn’t matter what kind, they were all good) and we would make the best dagwood sandwiches and drink hot tea and listen to Christmas music. The atmosphere was all part of the enjoyment of the food and a wonderful memory maker!

    • OMG yes, her soups. Your mom made me LOVE split pea soup. I loved her soup and split pea was the best. I know what you mean, I can’t duplicate anything my mom made, or my dad. I laughed at the lunchmeat and cheese too Pink, your dad and cheese. THOSE really are wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing!

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