Today was supposed to be a hurricane day.  Since we live in Florida we are used to hurricanes and know how to plan for them.  The first thing I always do is plan a huge indoor project that I never accomplish.  The idea is that we are held captive and can’t do anything else anyway so we may as well tackle that “thing” that we have been meaning to do for ages.

The reason we never actually do the plan is complicated.  Sometimes the storm hits too late in the day to get started.  By the time the next day rolls around the storm has passed and life goes on. 

Part of accomplishing the plan has to do with the cable being out.  There has to be something to do when there is no TV to watch.  One year we rented all the “Sex in the City” DVD’s from our local video store.  We had never seen the show and decided this would be a good thing to pass time.  We did actually accomplish that plan, it was a long storm.  By the time we were able to go out we went straight to the local bar so I could order a Cosmopolitan.  I had to taste one and I loved them.  Who knew that three was too many? 

The DVD situation has really ruined the plan.  Now John prepares in advance. The only way to get away from the TV now is if the power goes out.  The last several storms we had, we never lost cable or power.  Plus, if the power goes out we can’t accomplish anything anyway.

This storm, I planned on doing the fall house cleaning.  It is almost fall and it needs to be done.  Since I never accomplish the plan anyway and we didn’t get the storm, I thought I should go through with it and get it done.  John had that deer in the headlights look when I told him about the plan.  He was very grateful that he wasn’t involved and left as soon as he could.

I put on the rubber gloves and tackled those jobs that we all hate to do.  Going where no man has gone before, I took my bucket of pine sol and scrubbed both bathrooms from top to bottom.  I don’t know what it is about scrubbing bathrooms but getting the walls, doors and windows extra clean is always so gratifying.  Spring and Fall cleaning is just different from normal everyday cleaning.  I have a love/hate relationship with it, I hate to do it but love how everything looks when it is all done.

The house is now scrubbed in places that rarely get attention.  Everything smells fresh and clean.  I already see things I missed but the will have to wait until the next hurricane.  They can be the next plan.  This storm has passed.


3 thoughts on “HURRICANE DAY PLANS

  1. It would never occur to me to clean during a hurricane. I loved them as a kid. We always lost electricity first thing so had a good supply of candles, a camp stove, and all bathtubs were full of water. We were ready! We also had every junk food the stores offered and our Monopoly, checkers, cards, jacks, etc. were lined up just waiting for the first gusts. We liked them best at night as we kids were allowed to stay up all night and run outside for two minutes to experience the strange eye of the storm. Thanks for your post, Marilyn, as usual it made me laugh and it also brought back some great memories. I am with John on the no clean activity during hurricanes. LOL hugs, pat

    • Oh yes Pat, I remember the bathtubs full of water! The junk food was more for me as an adult! I had to fight the urge to buy any, justified in the possible no electricity rule. My preparing this time was 2 cases of bottled water. How dull! We were in Florida in 1960 which was Hurricane Donna. She was so bad that nothing after her bothered me. Living through the summer storms in Texas and Oklahoma left me completely numb to storms. Hurricanes are Florida’s “snow days” and I was disappointed that I was not able to use one this time.
      I have great compassion for the U.S. east coast dealing with this monster storm and not really knowing what to expect. My prayers are sure with them.
      Thanks for your compliments and encouragement Pat!

  2. As i wrote on another post , Nature’s fury when let loose , leaves us so terrified and helpless. Great that you took the opportunity to make your house squeaky clean. Cleaning is something I love doing. What I hate doing is folding up the laundry after it is washed and dried.

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