What is paradise like?  This question can go two ways in my mind; the heavenly paradise that is beyond imagination or the place I run when life gets too much.  I choose to describe the latter.

I run away in my mind to a place where people love and care about each other when life gets too much for me. It is filled with people who are honest, kind and thoughtful, who care about their neighbors, friends and relatives.  No one is fat, thin or ugly; we do not look alike but we are all beautiful from the soul.

No one has too much and no one needs for anything.  There is no class system.  And no worries either.  Everyone does their share because the community is more important than the one.  We don’t have to search for what our gifts are, they flow from us and are obvious and we are comfortable with them.   We are allowed to be who we are without being judged.  We teach and learn together. 

The temperature is in the mid 70s, warm enough to enjoy the days and cool enough in the evenings to need the warmth of another human being.  It would rain sometimes so that the plants and flowers get their fill and also to remind everyone of how much we love the sunshine.   We are near water and lush vegetation.  Everywhere you look is beauty.  Waterfalls, flowers, fluffy white clouds and lovely blue skies. 

There are nooks that are quiet enough for meditation and large areas that the community gathers to celebrate and socialize.  People do not suffer from diseases; young children do not die in vain.  No one is cast aside; we all matter and are able to see each other through God’s eyes.  And there is no war.

Life is simple, easy and happy.  That is paradise to me.


7 thoughts on “PARADISE

  1. Coincidentally, Kerala State in India, from where I hail, is right now celebrating a festival called Onam. It is actually a harvest festival, but there is a legend associated with it too. A king named Maveli is said to have ruled over us , and during his reign, things were just as you have described in your paradise.No lies, no frausds, everybody was treated alike, there was plenty, there was no sickness and so on.People were so happy that the Gods felt threatened and one of them came disguised as a dwarf and asked for three boons from King Maveli. As he never refused , the wishes were granted. The dwarf asked for 3 footsteps of soil and proceeded to measure the heavens and earth with two.With the 3rd, King Maveli was pushed down to the nether world. The myth has it that the comes to visit his subjects every year at around this time. We all need these stories, don’t we?

    • very interesting. I have not heard that story before. Thanks for sharing it. we DO need these stories. A good lesson in what jealousy and ego’s can do to the world around us too! Have a beautiful day. Thanks for stopping by!

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