After using other peoples computers forever, I decided it was time I combine all my records to my own device.  I originally wanted a small laptop but changed my mind in the store and ended up buying a Toshiba Thrive, an android tablet.  

Buying new technology ( to me anyway) was my first mistake.  I have very little patience to learn new things.  I do not read manuals but I do catch on fast if someone SHOWS me what to do. 

 When it came time to buy a new cell phone, I bought one that had very few features, call and text were enough for me and I hate texting so even that was a stretch.  Given that, what on earth was I thinking buying a tablet?

I did manage to set up a Gmail account, after my friend Dan helped me.  That is why there is 100 after my name, he said I should do it so I did.  I started with a 1, which was taken, then went to 2, 3, 4 and got frustrated and used 100.  Ha – take that gmail.  I should have known right there to return the tablet and surrender to a laptop.

It took me forever to figure out that I had to enter my contacts in a separate app to send emails from scratch.  I am used to Outlook and this is completely different.  I then had issues deleting emails.  I could delete but how do you delete from trash?  After 3 weeks, I finally find out I have to use a regular computer to do this.  So much for only having one device. 

I paid to download the app Quickoffice which is an android application that is compatible with Windows Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  Somehow I accomplished that because I received a Gmail telling me I did it and a charge on my credit card.  However when I clicked the icon, there was a blank page.  I rebooted several times and still nothing.  I gave up and started playing Sudoku.  So far I have paid for a machine I can receive emails and play games!

 Normally I am too stubborn to ask for help but not this time.  People were running from me…NOOO I can’t help you…Again I went to my friend Dan, he has the patience of a saint!  He figured out the  Quickoffice issue, I was using the wrong icon.  I am so over my head. 

This is my first attempt at writing an actual document.  I have not purchased the accessory keyboard yet so I am one finger typing.  If you are reading this blog, I was successful. 

 I am sure in another six months I will be a whizz at this but for now, I need a six-year-old to teach me please!

 PS – I had to email this to my work PC to post on the blog because I didn’t have Control-V to paste it to the blog…ho hum.  It is going to be a long summer!



3 thoughts on “MY NEW TABLET

  1. Oh, I am so grateful not to live where I am exposed to these “new fangled” gadgets. I used to always have the latest and greatest but now have a tiny, and I mean, tiny laptop that is a no frills model. My cell phone lies unused as I am in too remote an area to pick up the signal. The only thing that worries me is that the Internet provider is threatening to cut off my service next month if I do not upgrade to a system that has already show it will not function where I live. I surely understand your frustration, Marilyn. Thanks for the laugh! Hugs, pat

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