One of my high-almighty statements about the Casey Anthony jury was that getting a quality jury is hard when people are doing everything they can to avoid this duty.  I have put a lot of thought into this because I am certainly one of those people.

There are jokes about serving jury duty.  One is that you aren’t smart enough to think of a good reason not to go or another, that you don’t have a life so even jury duty is something!  Even though it is far from a rule, most employers are not happy that you must go.  If you actually get selected for a jury, heaven forbid it be a long trial.  That is not really an unrealistic issue since so many companies today run on skeleton crews and the work piles up while you are gone.  I’ve never had a boss tell me to try to get out of it but they are not disappointed when I don’t have to serve.

Last time I served someone in the jury pool told the judge his boss would not let him serve on a long trial and the judge offered to call the boss and discuss it.  I learn well from the mistakes of others!

I considered why I don’t like jury duty and I am sure it is not because I don’t want to be judgmental.  I wish that was the reason but that would be a horrible lie.  I judge people all day every day.  Not intentionally, I just do.  I hope that I keep my opinions in my head and only every so often they fly out of my mouth.  It is not a behavior that makes me proud.  It is easy to arrive at the “what was she thinking?” or “did you see those shoes” type judgment.  Fashion is such an easy target.

I am sure the biggest reason I do not like jury duty is that it is out of my routine.  Rather than welcome a change, I want to avoid it.   I am used to doing things the way they are done.  Now I will have to leave the house earlier than usual, go to a place I am not that familiar with and sit.  Last time I took my computer with me and tried to work.  We were up and down, moved to this area and then back to that area.  There was no way I could concentrate to complete any work. 

Can you believe that I don’t like to be on a jury because I am inconvenienced?  That is such a sad state of affairs.  Our nation has the best court systems in the world and I would hope that if I ever needed a jury no one would have the lousy attitude I have.

So, guess what happened with my high and mighty attitude?  I received a jury summons on Thursday.  I will report 8/11.  Great.  That will certainly teach me to shoot off my big mouth!  I have no intention of volunteering my services but maybe I won’t try quite so hard to control the outcome.  It might be interesting to learn more about the way our system works. 

So, if you will be at the Orange County Courthouse on the 11th let me know.  Maybe we can chat!


5 thoughts on “JURY DUTY

  1. I have never been called for jury duty. Wonder if I failed to measure up or if it is because I never vote. Anyway, once again you made me laugh. You have such a great way of being honest and funny at the same time. I am always happy when I find a post of yours in my mailbox. Hugs, pat

    • Not voting is what used to save you. Now they are taking from Driver’s Liscense’s so people get hooked easier. But HOW COME I keep getting called every year?! I guess I have a lesson to learn and haven’t got it yet. A good thump on the head so I learn it and move on!
      hugs to you also Pat! Thanks for the wonderful words.

  2. too funny that you got summoned for jury duty ! I get summoned alot just but my number never seems to come up – some would say it is a right and an honor – ME -not so much -I wonder what would happen if it was 100 % voluntary ?

  3. It is not an honor, it is a game (in Australia anyway). The Casey Anthony trial is probably an example of how there is no search for the truth, only lawyers seeing what evidence they can get withheld as it is too prejudicial. Best bet is to get out of jury duty until the system gets fixed. The trick is knowing how far to push the envelope without being in contempt of court. Let’s face it – “justice” systems are just a game. Judges will tell you it is an honor and your civic duty. They would say that because they get paid a lot more than a juror.Typically judges are not accountable for stupid decisions, and jurors are kept in the dark on many topics. Evidence is “withheld” for being too prejudicial, even though it is relevant. The rich get better results because they can afford better lawyers. The same thing that got you on to the jury call-up can be the same thing to get you out – the electoral roll. If you moved address, and updated your license and electoral roll that you were out of the area (living with grandma), you would be excused based on distance. If you went to a doctor and complained that you are stressed, you can’t sleep and you can’t concentrate and make simple decisions – you would have some disorder. A medical certificate that you were unwell on psychological grounds would get you out too as it would affect your decision making process. If it is a drug trial, say how upset you are at your long lost friend or relative who died from drugs and how you hate drug dealers. Same for a rape or a murder trial. You would be biased, and the accused would not get a fair trial. It would be grounds for a mistrial or appeal. If you are called up during empanelment, each side can object to a certain number of potential jurors. Give the accused a filthy, and I mean filthy, look as you are called up. Let everyone see it. His lawyer will object to you. Court is a game and this little clip I put together sums up the dodgy system in Australia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHFa30pD3N8

    • thanks for stopping by my blog … you live in AUSTRALIA? WOW. I will be posting a new blog about jury duty and how it went once I have completed the task. I hope you stop by again.

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