Gas mileage has been a big issue in our house since we bought our new vehicle in October.  The sticker on the GMC Acadia said that the mileage would be 17 to 24 MPG in BIG LETTERS and underneath in small print it says “expected range for most drivers is 14 to 20 MPG.”  We have been averaging around 12. 

When I took the vehicle in for the routine oil change I asked why our mileage was so poor and my service agent said normally it was driving habits.  I am usually not satisfied with an answer that puts the blame squarely on me (since I am the principal driver). 

This vehicle is loaded with equipment we don’t even know how to use but we found the spot that shows your gas mileage all the time.  John had the car for the day and wouldn’t you know he got the mileage up to 14.7.  This is not a good thing for me because it reinforces what the dealer said.  Again, this does not make me the least bit happy.  Now I must have a driving lesson to teach me how he got so much more mileage.  Doggonit.

John explained what the tachometer was and if I can keep the red line under 2 it would save mileage; that is the key.  I always wondered why they put those things in cars, boys seem to be the only ones who really knew what they were for and I am not sure they didn’t pretend.

I am what you would call a jack-rabbit starter.  That stupid tachometer goes way past 4 and that is a big problem.  In order to keep it under 2 you really have to go S L O W.  I don’t care who you are, that is just plain embarrassing.  You cannot goose the gas at all or it goes over the 2.  (I never was a fan of the number 2, now I know why!  It is all SO clear!)

I rarely drive on the interstate.  Most of the trips I make are spent in stop and go traffic; three lane roads with no slower traffic to the right (if you know what I mean).  I zip in and out of traffic, safely, but zip none the less.  I was amazed to find out that zipping makes the tach go over 2 as well. 

My driving habits were horrible, the dealer was right.  I had to make a choice of driving the way I always do or changing my ways.  When I filled up the tank and the cost was $75.00, I knew what I had to do. 

Now you will find me in the first lane, putting along.  Slowly I pick up speed to reach the actual speed limit.  A road with many stop lights is miserable.  And no more jack-rabbit starts.  I have brought the mileage up to 14 once, and average around 13.7.  Not fantastic but it is better.  I am saving enough that I get one more day of driving out of a tank of gas. 

I will keep practicing and hope to improve even more.  I don’t have to watch the speed limit anymore because I rarely exceed it.  I try really hard to stay in the slow lane until it is time for me to turn so when you are behind me and frustrated with my speed, please give me a break.  I am doing the best I can.



7 thoughts on “GAS MILEAGE

  1. A vehicle should not get just the minimum, and you probably should not just let it go with the service dept. Sometimes there are updates that need to be made to the computer, or there may actually be an issue. Most service depts. don’t want to fool with the fuel mileage issue and the answer you got is one that so many others get as well. There is some validity, but they should be willing to at least to look it over and check for any updates. As for getting the best fuel mileage for your vehicle, keep your tires properly inflated, do not overload the vehicle, avoid start and stop driving, and avoid mashing the “long skinny one on the right.” Also, Google the terms “hypermile” or “hypermiling” for further tips. Although these are terms that are more commonly associated with hybrid owners, there are some things that they do extreme or not which can help folks to understand how to get the most miles to a tank of gas.

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