I don’t have time to give aging attention.  I don’t like to put a lot of emphasis on something I cannot control.  I have no intention of going the Botox route although I don’t care if you do.  I knew that my body would go through changes as I aged and I expected things to happen.  I knew that I would move slower or even think slower.  I knew that I would probably need more sleep and that my hair would become gray.  I get it.  I accept it as part of life and intend to grow old naturally and gracefully.  And really, after you turn 50 and have your colonoscopy there is really little left to the imagination. 

 But all of a sudden strange moles are popping up all over my body.  And, little tiny red dots are starting to appear.  It isn’t a bump or a rash; it looks like someone touched me with a red ink pen.  What on earth are those things?  Why is it that the hair on my head is getting thinner and overnight a hair can grow two inches on my chin?

 Two weeks ago I had to go to the foot doctor because of my toe nail.  Apparently getting pedicures so your toe nails look beautiful is really a tub full of fungus.  Once you are lucky enough to get one of these fungi it takes a year for your nail to grow back to normal.  Great …

Several friends told me that they get an accumulation of ear wax and go to the doctor to have it removed.   Gross!  But my ears were feeling clogged so I made an appointment with an ENT, I thought that must be the problem.  Turns out my ears are not clogged; they are clear as a whistle.  (YEA! Good for me right?)  They gave me a hearing test and I need hearing aids!  Yes AIDS, in both ears.  You have to be kidding me!  I am only 55, how did that happen so fast?

 John has been telling me that my hearing was a problem but I thought he was just being mean.  He is MUCH older than me as I tell him all the time.  I figure he has been through this so he is just messing with me about things to come.  Turns out, he was right and I hate it when that happens.  His big compassion is that my hair is getting longer so it will cover the hearing aids.  Isn’t THAT a blessing?!  Thank you God, always full of surprises!

 As John and I discussed this, I realized that this has been going on for some time.  When we are at parties or restaurants I have trouble hearing.  Places where there is a lot of commotion going on are the biggest problem.  John always tells me that I have the TV too loud.  I noticed a couple months ago I say “what?” a lot more than I used to.  Last time John and I went dancing he told me I was off beat.  Excuse ME?  I am a good dancer thank you very much.  I am constantly getting missed calls on my cell when the stupid thing never rings.  People also have been telling me I am talking loud but I always talk loud so that, I ignore.  I have never really been a whisperer, you know? 

 So now I am on this new path, coming to terms with needing hearing aids.  I do not want to be vain about it.  I need them; not want them.  There is a big difference.  I could have much worse issues to deal with.  I am not deaf but the doctor says it will continue to get worse.  If I deal with it now I will have a much easier time adjusting as it does get worse.  So they tell me anyway.  I am waiting to see if my insurance company covers any part of it.  We have a $10,000.00 deductible so my only hope is a discount. 

 This isn’t the end of the world, just an ego bump in the road.  If I stay focused on the moles and hair and ugly toe nails, the hearing aid isn’t so bad at all.  I still have my teeth, at least most of them.  I think I can handle it.  If I ask you “what?” a lot, I changed my mind.


2 thoughts on “AGING

  1. I love that you write about things most of us won’t even whisper about. I went to a dermatologist to ask why I was getting all these moles or whatever they are. He said that they were the “barnacles of life” and then expected me to pay him $150 for his diagnosis! I told him that he had to think of a better term than that if he wanted my money. Barnacles, indeed! Have to admit that they sort of look like that. Marilyn, there are some real advantages of wearing hearing aids:

    People will understand better that you had rather talk than listen.
    When you are bored with the conversation, you can turn it off!

    Why not make a hearing horn out of a empty toilet paper roll and say, “eh?” a lot until you get your hearing aids. Then everyone with think the hearing aids are a great improvement. Toilet paper rolls don’t cost a thing except a sense of humor.

    Thanks for a good laugh. I am longing for the day when my vanity disappears enough for me to quit wearing these miserable bras!

    hugs and lots of laughter coming your way! pat

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