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Living in the moment

These are all the things I thought about the first time I saw this picture.  Funny thing is, I saw it a couple months ago in one of those e-mails that circulate around for various reasons.  You know the ones that have pictures of animals doing silly things.  This one stuck in my memory and I regretted deleting the e-mail.  Every time I thought of this elephant it made me smile.  I stumbled upon it again and immediately made a copy so I would have it forever.  I wish I knew who to give credit to for this beautiful shot, unfortunately, I do not. 

I have always had trouble putting a face on emotions.  I knew the basics, happy, sad, and angry but the other ones were hard to define.  When I saw this beautiful face I knew instantly this was JOY!  That got me to thinking, what brings ME that kind of joy? 

I have to tell you, I wasn’t sure at first.   I know I have felt joy many times in my life but I cannot tell you one specific memory that made me feel like that picture looks.  Which brings me to another thought; my friends always tell me “don’t compare your insides with other people’s outsides.” 

When I look at this picture I think this beautiful creature doesn’t have a care in the world and there is probably truth to that.  Does she worry about where her next meal will come from?  What about other animals that might be harmful to her?  Do animals worry about such things?  If she worries, it looks like she found a way to be still and enjoy one moment in time.  Is that the key to joy? She doesn’t have a mortgage or a job, lawns to mow, meal to make (ok, so I don’t really do that but someone does!), floors to mop and a million other menial tasks to tend to every day.  I have a family I love and worry about, justified or not. 

BUT and this is big, what on earth am I doing to find joy?  I have a tendency to over think everything.  This is a simple act; the elephant is sitting under a waterfall.  She isn’t worried about how she looks to others; she is just having the time of her life.  I would probably never get to the waterfall because I can’t wear a bathing suit, the towels will get all wet, how much does the trip cost, what if I slip and fall, is the camera waterproof?  You know how I am, I lose things…

Dictionary.com defines Joy as the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.

 Joy is a feeling not an event.  I forget that sometimes. 

I find joy in simple things.  Last week-end I had a garage sale.  I love haggling with people, both of us working to get the best deal on a piece of junk neither of us really wants.  One lady asked me to pray with her.  I don’t know why, it doesn’t matter, she asked and we prayed.  That was certainly a joyful moment. 

Walking gives me joy.  It isn’t a giddy type joy, it is peaceful.  Many days my walks are the quietest thing I do.  Sometimes in the morning when I am reading the paper and John sits with me and reads his sports section, both of us quiet but together, that brings me joy. 

Oh my goodness, Rosie brings me joy.  She follows me everywhere, sits with me, loves on me and makes me laugh.  Parents always think their child is the best whether it is a person or a dog.  She is so sweet to me.  There is nothing nicer than coming in the door and having her run to greet me. Sure she has to go potty but at least she is happy to see me!

John considers good health as a joyful thing, I consider it more of a blessing and we certainly have a bunch of those.  Health, friends, family, jobs; blessing are joyful aren’t they?

I love music and singing; especially in my car.    I mostly listen to Contemporary Christian music these days, I can’t think of much more joyful than singing to my God.  I listen to Country and Oldies too, it all depends on the mood I am in.  (and if John is in the car…do couples ever agree on the car radio station???)

Today I love the uncomplicated.  As my life evolves to whatever it will be I want peace.  Driving over to the beach for lunch and coming back home is a happy day and very simple.  If I keep the focus on these things my life is full of joy.  Keep it Simple Stupid – KISS IT.

I am going to see if I can find the waterfalls today and just sit and enjoy the moment.  Who says we cannot learn from animals?  I learned a lot from this one.

P.S.  in the comments section my new friend posted where this picture was taken.  It is a ride at DISNEY!  Is that not a scream?  It is a mechanical elephant, not even real.  Talk about not comparing your insides to other people’s outsides!  LOL.


11 thoughts on “PURE JOY!

  1. First off let me say thank you for reading my blog and it makes me so happy that you decided to partake in FWF! 🙂
    Now… As for this post…wow! I adore the picture and I was completely captivated by your thoughts and ideas expressed here. If we could only make a point to seek an ounce of joy everyday, life would not nearly feel a grievous. This is a wonderful addition this week! I hope you will return in the future and share more with us. I enjoyed this immensely!

    • thank you Kellie! I appreciate your words more than you could know. I would love to keep participating. It is a big help for me to have a topic to work with! BTW I am a friend of Pat Cegan, I found you from her blog.
      Have a happy day!

  2. I just wanted to leave a note that I too quite enjoyed reading your post (and a few others I peeked at) and will be back to read more for sure. You have a very enjoyable writing style to read 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

    • thanks for sharing that, doesn’t it just figure that the picture I get the most joy from is mechanical! What a hoot! I love it. Again, don’t compare your insudes with other peoples outsides! LOL!

  3. Well, Marilyn, your post gave me joy! How beautifully you write, how did I not know that about you all these years? My lesson from the little elephant is that feeling joyous is more important than looking good. lol, think I will go get in the waterfall in the floresta and just let the monkeys laugh at my grandmotherly body. Thanks for reminding us to be joyous. God wants us to be happy. I am sure of that because look at the beautiful world He gave us. Love and hugs coming your way! pat

    • If I was there I’d get in with you Pat! Thankis for your support & encouragement. I am gaining confidence daily. I try very hard to write for myself to keep me focused and the fact that is is pleasing others is amazing to me. I am so grateful & excited. It is God inspired for sure.
      have a beautiful weekend.

  4. This is a great post! I love that happy elephant too. Watch this… I’m happy to see so many other people enjoying your writing too~ Congratulations!

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