Jack is my sister Patti’s husband.  They were married November of 1979 so Jack has been a member of our family a long time.  One of our family jokes is that Mom and Dad like Jack better than any of us.  HE is their favorite.  Jack is more than an in-law; he really is part of our family.  He is the only person I allow to call me Mary.  I know it is a loving name to him and I accept it and do not complain or correct.  Trust me though; no one else is permitted to do it.  He is special.

I would bet that since Jack’s birthday is December 22nd he grew up with the Christmas/birthday combo gifts all the time.  I have never heard him complain about it and I have to admit if it were me, I would be whining like a big baby.  That is why I want this blog to be one that pleases him.  He is the only “in-law” I will be blogging and I really want to do justice to the man I know.  

I don’t know if Jack ever dreamed of being a father but he has certainly been a good one.  I don’t know two parents who were more involved in their children’s lives than Jack & Patti.  They split duties going to soccer games and track meets and everything in-between.  And again, I never heard complaints. I believe that he consistently does the right thing.  He sets a good example for all of us .  No one is always positive but Jack doesn’t show his down side very often.  He just puts one foot in front of the other and moves forward.  I love that about him.  I hear and see his positive attitude in his words and deeds.  I know him to be a very honorable man.  I cannot say that about very many people.

He does enjoy the finer things in life but he is not wasteful.  He will buy one really good thing and keep it forever.  The only thing I have consistently heard him ask for over the years is a BMW and to date, he has never bought one for himself.  He says it as a joke but I hope someday he treats himself because it is something he does deserve. 

Jack’s an avid golfer and plays most weekends.  How good a golfer he is depends on who you ask and how bad he beat them.

When you write about someone, you realize how little you really know about them.  It is hard to do justice to the man Jack has become over the years.  I know him to be kind, thoughtful, a terrific father, a good husband, honest, funny and loving.  I am honored to have Jack as my brother-in-law but even more honored to have him as my friend.

Happy Birthday Jack!



  1. I’m honored to have him as a friend too. He’s been my best friend for 32 years and I can’t wait to see what the next 32 years bring! 🙂

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