The holidays tend to bring out the best and the worst in me.  When I do something good, I like to make it a holiday tradition when I can.

A church I attended years ago had a St. Nicholas program that I loved.  I adopted the program for myself and each year I pick a person or family to share the magic of the holidays.  Each Sunday in Advent, you are supposed to leave a surprise at their door and then the last week you reveal that you are St. Nick. 

The premise is to keep it simple but I try to tailor it to the person/family I am treating.  It is so much fun for me, trying to sneak in and out without getting caught.  One time the family dog was outside barking at me when I was trying to get to the front door undiscovered.  I was shooing it away and praying the neighbors didn’t call and warn them of the nut outside.  Another time they were in the living room and I was crawling under the front window to get to the door undiscovered. 

Most people do not get the concept until week three and then they start asking questions.  I try not to tell anyone about it so that loose lips don’t spoil the fun.

The kind of gifts I leave depends on the family involved.  I usually know them pretty well which makes it easier.  One week I might leave cinnamon rolls or coffee cake and Christmas coffee.  (If I know they will be home and the bugs won’t get in it!)  Another week, popcorn and a holiday movie is fun.  I have given holiday socks for everyone in the family or if a single person, Christmas towels for the kitchen or bathroom.  Most of this stuff is on sale during the month of December so it is not really expensive; the idea is fun not expense.  I always leave the gift with a card or tag from St. Nick.

Over the years I have learned that making people feel special never fails.  If I know of a family going through a hard time they are usually my pick   It helps put them in the holiday spirit when they really don’t feel it.  Sometimes everyone isn’t “merry” and I have certainly been there myself.  I am not trying to make them feel what they don’t but I also can give them a reason to focus on something positive.  It is about “them” and I get some joy myself.

I have my family picked out for this year.  They are not blog readers so I won’t be blowing the surprise.  The first Sunday in Advent is November 28th this year. I hope some of you will give this a try.  It is a nice way to share the holidays with a new neighbor or someone having a sad holiday.  It strengthens friendships or shows forgiveness.  Isn’t that what the holidays should be?

P.S.  I would love to hear your holiday traditions and how they started.


2 thoughts on “ST. NICHOLAS SHARING

  1. you did this for me the first christmas without my mom – I will never ever forget how special I felt – I am supposed to pay it forward and I have tried in my own way- but you do it best !

    Love you my friend

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