John and I went for a canoe ride today.  And it was fun!  I was apprehensive about going because I am afraid of boats (yes, a canoe is a boat to me!) and I am not fond of lakes either.  Bad things happen when I am in boats and all I could envision was a gator chasing us around the lake.  I am happy to report that there were no gators (that we saw anyway) and we did not tip over, I did not even get wet. 

 It was supposed to be a moonlight canoe ride and my niece said she thought it sounded romantic.  We met people from John’s church for a picnic and then hauled the canoes out to Lake Down, put on life vests and off we went.  Once I got the hang of paddling it was less tense and then actually enjoyable.  The temperature was cool, probably mid 70s and there was a nice breeze on the water.  The breeze made the water slightly choppy but not bad.  John would tell me to be still so that I didn’t rock the boat because when the boat rocked I would get nervous. 

 There was no moon, but we did get to see the sun set. We rowed out pretty far and then stopped and let the current take us back.  We were able to be still and focus on the sunset.  It was beautiful, colors of pinks and purples.  Of course the reflection on the water was really nice.  It was quiet and peaceful and I asked John “Is this romantic?”  I just don’t seem to get the romance thing.  He thought romantic was being with someone you love and enjoying the moment together.  So in that light, I guess it was romantic.

 When we got home, I looked it up in and this is what it said.

Main Entry romantic
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: sentimental, idealistic
Synonyms: adventurous, amorous, bathetic, charming, chimerical, chivalrous, colorful, corny*, daring, dreamy, enchanting, erotic, exciting, exotic, extravagant, fairy-tale, fanciful, fantastic, fascinating, fond, glamorous, idyllic, impractical, lovey-dovey, loving, maudlin, mushy, mysterious, nostalgic, passionate, picturesque, poetic, quixotic, sloppy*, soppy, starry-eyed, syrupy, tear-jerking, tender, unrealistic, utopian, visionary, whimsical, wild

 Ok, it was kind of adventurous of me because I had not done it before.  I was afraid so letting go was a bit daring.  And trusting John was fascinating.  It was even a bit corny, canoeing on the lake at sunset, which was picturesque, where was our camera?  It was not wild or tear-jerking, nor dreamy or enchanting.  So I guess it was romantic if that is what you think of as romantic. 

I don’t think about romance much.  I am not sure if I am not a romantic person or if I have never really known it   To me romantic ideas are just another way of setting myself or my spouse up for failure.  I will either think so big it will be impossible for John to do or John will try and I will miss the entire point.

I am happy to have had a pleasant moment in time where I let the world be still and I did something out of the ordinary.  I had a wonderful evening with some great people. We had good conversation, good fellowship and a nice canoe ride with my husband, enjoying a beautiful sunset.   Life was good today.


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