The other night I was reading one of my meditations and the question asked was “What is the song the angels sang the day that you were born?”   I loved that thought very much, but have to admit, I could not think of a single song they might have sung.  I decided to Google 1956 and see what songs were popular, maybe that would give me an idea of what the angels were singing that day.  I’d like to think that my Guardian Angel is pretty hip and was happy with her new assignment. 

The most popular songs in March of 1956 were “Rock and Roll Waltz”, “The Poor People of Paris” and “Lisbon Antigua”. 

First I listened to the Rock and Roll Waltz which was recorded by Kay Starr.  It is about a teenage girl that comes home and catches her parents trying to waltz to her Rock and Roll record.  Some of the lyrics were “one two and then rock, one two and then roll, one two and then jump its good for your soul…”  I laughed because I can see mom and dad doing that.  My parents loved to dance and especially the waltz.  I love to waltz too, it is my favorite dance.

Next I found the music and lyrics for “The Poor People of Paris”.   This one starts “Just got back from Paris, France all they do is sing and dance.”  I am beginning to see a pattern here.  It is all about the poor French people who only drink wine and have fun.  Don’t I wish life was like that?  When I played the song I actually knew the tune.  I think it must have been a theme song to a TV show, I would sing it for you but I don’t think that would help much.

The third song was “Lisbon Antigua” and I found that one on You Tube.  Ray Conniff was playing, no singing.  When I found the lyrics it was about falling in love in Lisbon.  The melody was very pretty.  I don’t expect to go to Lisbon any time soon, but never say never.  Where is Lisbon?

So, what does that have to do with what the Angels would be singing on the day I was born?  I don’t have a clue.  I am just grateful that the biggest song of the week I was born was not Hot Diggity, Blueberry Hill or Singing the Blues, which were other songs of that year.  A couple other ones like, “A Tear Fell” or “A Rose and A Baby Ruth” might have been appropriate.  And thank God I wasn’t named Lula after “Be Bop A Lula”.  Since I was born in the Marilyn Monroe area, I asked mom if I was named after her and she says no.  They just thought I looked like a Marilyn.  We don’t have a lot of baby pictures of me but I sure don’t see it. 

Anyway, I don’t know what song the angels sang, I am sure some of you can come up with a few ideas for me.  Try to be kind though, I can be very sensitive!

Do you know what song the angels sang when YOU were born?



I entered a writing contest last week.  It sounds simple enough but there was a lot of behind the scenes issues from the initial idea to the final submission.  The contest entry had to be an original piece; it could not have been previously published.  Would you believe it, they consider a blog a publication.  Who knew?   I am glad that I asked.

The sponsor of the essay is a nationally published magazine.  First prize is $3000.00 (who couldn’t use that?!), a trip for two to New York City, lunch with the magazine editors and two tickets to a Broadway play.  I read somewhere that entering contests helps to make you a better writer so I decided I should give this a try.  I read all the rules and started writing.

The topic was “I never thought I’d…” and they suggested that you did not start your essay with that sentence.  They also suggested that many entries would be on marriage, children, divorces, losing weight and if you wanted to stand out from the crowd, go in a different direction.  That made sense to me so that is what I did.

I actually wrote two different essays.  The first one was on courage.  Then my sister thought I should write about tossing clothes out of the car windows.  I was surprised she mentioned that but decided to go ahead and write that one too.  I sent both essays to my sister and also to a girlfriend so that I could get two different opinions.  My girlfriend liked the naked one best because it got the biggest reaction out of her; but she thought I should leave out the drinking part.  My sister thought that I absolutely must leave in the alcohol parts because she wouldn’t want anyone to think that I would undress in a parking lot sober.  I don’t think she liked the naked essay because she said she was embarrassed for me.  I can be kind of slow sometimes but I think my instincts are on target.

There was growth for me in this simple little contest.  I had to ask others for help, listen to varying opinions, allow myself to be critiqued, and follow advice given.  Asking for help is not easy for most of us and I am no exception.  Walking that fine line not taking critiques personal and following advice given is hard.  These little essays are very personal.  Listening to criticism and being true to my heart feels uncomfortable.  I automatically hear “this is no good” and I have to focus on the actual words spoken, not what I hear.  Then I have to make choices.  Honesty is more important to me than what other people think so I kept that as my priority.

I also had to let go because I gave up all rights to the essay.   This was clear in the rules.  I cannot post it on my blog.  It belongs to them.  I decided that the experience of the contest was worth the rights.  I may regret that later but I doubt it. 

I submitted the essay on courage.  I decided that the naked one (as I fondly call it) was better for my blog than a national magazine.  Now I have to let go of the results.  I have to be realistic and know that I probably won’t win.  Last year’s contest had over 7000 entries.  So why would I do all this when my chances are slim?  I wanted to try something different; to become a better writer.  It doesn’t matter if I win or lose; I win and lose something every day.  Back to basics, I tried.  That is what life is all about.


When I was little it was not unusual for me to come home from school with my shoes missing.  My Mom used to ask me where my shoes were and I would have no idea.  Who knew that 40 years later, this would start again, only not just with my shoes!

I was raised fairly conservative.  During the “Ban the Bra” era of the 1960’s, I was not permitted to go braless.  I did it but mom never knew.  For the most part, my dress and behavior was proper.  I have never been a prude mind you, but I also was not a tart.  I am practical to a fault and it is rare that I go outside my comfort zone.  My world turned upside down when I met my husband John in 2002.  He is constant motion and he brought out something in me that I never knew existed.  For some reason, when he is around, I cannot keep my clothes on. 

This all started one night around midnight when we were each in our own cars driving home.  We were on a four lane highway, the kind that has traffic lights almost every block.  We were side by side at a stop light and I motioned for him to roll down his window.  When he did, I tossed my granny panties out my window and into his car.  He laughed, the light turned green and off we went.  At the next light he tossed his underwear into my window.  We travelled down the road tossing clothes from window to window at each stop light.  Yes we were sober, by the way. By the time we arrived home, we were both naked and had to make a run for the house.

After that experience, it was fairly common for me to undress in the car on the way home.  It was dark so I wasn’t exposing myself to any other vehicles.  This was just a game between John and me.  Luckily we were never pulled over for any moving violations.  I have no idea how I would have explained our game.  The police have probably seen it a million times but I would have been mortified!

We put a hot tub on the patio and decided it would be wise to have a privacy fence installed.  Our neighbor immediately built a large deck in his back yard.  We wondered if that was because I was always out back naked.   I told John that if he enjoyed watching a fat old woman wandering naked in her own backyard then God love him! 

 It got worse from there.  I am not much of a drinker so when I do drink, things happen.  There is a Country song by Joe Nichols “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” and that is me.  When I drink tequila John has to stay very close to me.  I know what I am doing; I just don’t care.

We belong to a pool league and one night when I played particularly well, my team bought me a drink of something called Liquid Cocaine.  I don’t know what it is specifically but I do know (now) that it is a mix of several liquors.  I drank the shot down and they were so impressed that I showed no signs of inebriation that they bought me another one.  Stupid me drank it and boy was that a mistake.  I was plowed.

John wanted to go out to another club after we were done playing our matches to visit with some of our friends and I just wanted to go home.  The only thing I could think of to get my way was to make it impossible for us to go anywhere but home.  I decided to take my clothes off right there in the parking lot.  John laughed and home we went.  There was no way he was going to be able to put my clothes back on me.  I slept on the toilet that night!

John taught me to abandon my self-consciousness and be comfortable with myself.  He didn’t care about my weight; he made me feel pretty, even sexy.  We have had a few random incidents since that night but I am able to contain myself a little better now.  I certainly don’t want to ruin my reputation!

There is a picture of me when I was three or four years old in a sailor dress.  I am holding the dress up and showing my panties.  I guess maybe I was a tart all along!