I was reading a meditation last night that asked “what are the things you loved the most in your life”.  As I drifted into my meditative state, I thought about my all the places I have been in my life.   I was surprised that my mind immediately turned to travel.

I thought about the beach and how much peace I feel when I am there.  I am a Florida girl and love Florida beaches.  I enjoy going in the water and feeling the power of the waves crashing into me.  Salt water is healing to my skin. 

I have happy memories of the beach, from a favorite family vacation at St. Pete Beach to my own personal retreats at New Smyrna.  John and I spent several days in St. Augustine last year, a rare treat for us both.  We thought that Rosie (our Boston terrier) would love the ocean water and were so very wrong.  She hated every minute of it, from the heat, to the waves, to the sand.  She was miserable.  Live and learn.  Next time we have a beach week-end Rosie will have a babysitter and stay home.  Beach living would be a dream come true for me.

I loved military life.  There is something about that life that really cannot be explained, you either love it or hate it.  I loved it.  Once I got used to living away from family everything fell into place.  Tom (ex) and I never lived on Post; we always lived outside the military community.  That enabled us to enjoy the local cultures and be a part of the community.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever leave the Central Florida area, let alone end up in Germany for 6 years.  I must admit that when we first received orders for Germany I was terrified.  Once I was acclimated I loved every minute of it.  Both times we were there we did not want to leave.  Life’s pace was much more relaxed.  You had the intensity of the military mixed with a culture very different from my own and yet, strangely similar.  It was fun to go for a Saturday drive and investigate a new area.  There was always a Volksmarch or Festival somewhere to visit.  Whenever we say a tent going up, we were there!

I love to travel and certainly had the opportunity while we were living in Germany.  It is a shame that we did not take advantage of the opportunities available to us but we could not afford to jump on the bus and go to Rome anymore than we can run up I-95 to DC for the weekend.  We saved our money and did the best we could.  We covered a large amount of Germany (back then there was East & West, we weren’t allowed in East!), and also visited Switzerland, Austria, France and Holland. 

In the US I haven’t done that well, although I have been to San Francisco a few times along with Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Las Vegas, New York (State & City) and Virginia.  I have a few more states to go.

I love to go out to eat.  (Notice I didn’t say I love to eat, although that would be true too.)  I don’t know what it is about going out for a meal that makes me so happy.  (Maybe that I didn’t have to cook?)  When I was young, going out was a huge treat, no one went out for meals the way it is done today.  Some people love to entertain in their home; I love to go out with friends or family.  The places I like to go are not expensive.  They can be very simple “Mom’s & Pop’s” type places to the normal chain or fast food joint.  I am economical.  It is more about the time spent with people than anything else.

Wednesday nights have been special for 20 years.  I meet with an amazing group of people that teach and inspire me.  It is a healthy environment.  I don’t go every week like I used to but it is nice to know they are always there. 

Notice this is “things” that I love and not “people” that I love.  I am fascinated that there were no physical things that popped up.  I love my home and belongings but not in the same way as I love the memories of my life.  I remember hearing that when you save things you don’t use you are just saving a memory.  Let the item go, the memory will be there forever.  I am pretty good about doing that.

I do love my blog.  I am happy with the acceptance I have received from so many people, especially people I do not even know.  That is so heart warming.  I love making a difference, stepping outside my comfort zone and sharing who I am and what I believe. 

I hope you will think about the things you love in your life and enjoy a smile or two.  I am grateful that I have so many wonderful memories to share.


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