This is the last part of my Girlfriend Party.  I am pretty amazed by where such a simple thought led. 

 When I married John in 2003, an entirely new group of people entered into my world.  Sadly, his mom had already died.  From what I am told, I would have loved her.  Bobbi, John’s sister, and her daughter Dori, have become a growing part of my life. 

 Karen is part of that new world also.  I don’t exactly know how we became friends because we are so different, but friends we are.  She is a wonderful cook and always supports my cooking attempts.  She laughs with me when I fail and celebrates with me when I succeed.  Karen always tells me I am too hard on myself.  Takes one to know one!  She always makes me feel special.  Every day she sends me a hello email.  Whether I am up or down, she remembers.  She asks about my mom.  She cares and shows me all the time.  I love her for that. 

 Rhonda and Sandy are friends that come as a set.  It just works that way.  We find the same types of things humorous and they are always fun to be around.  I love our lunches together.

 I have a lot of acquaintances, which sounds arrogant.  I don’t mean it that way.  People I work with, people we play pool with, church people, and so many others.  I enjoy all their company but they are not usually the people you share your life with.  One work person Tyna, has definitely become a friend that I trust and respect.  That is not easy to find in the work force these days.  She has taught me so much about being a woman in this industry and still having integrity.  She has been a friend every step of the way.  And then there is Helen, another friend, is one of my biggest cheerleaders.  Her encouragement is so appreciated and welcomed!  She is a ray of sunshine to me.  I can hear her husband John laughing about that, but she is great.

 Finally, I would invite Stephanie, my newest friend.  We are just at the beginning of our friendship but from day one, we just clicked.  I love it when that happens.

 If I had a party to celebrate friendship, these are all the women I would want to show my gratitude.  All these women are REAL.  We are all learning with and from each other to survive this world that surrounds us. None of us have all the answers but we are figuring out how to ask the questions.  Sometimes lessons learned come soft and gentle and sometimes they come hard.  They all come with love though and for that I am truly grateful.


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