Today is my husband John’s birthday.  We met September 27th or 28th,, 2003.  I always forget the exact date.   I used to go to the Moose Lodge with Mom and Dad to dance.  It was a safe environment and I had plenty of dance partners.  I wasn’t looking for a relationship.  I was just learning how to socialize again after my divorce.  Most of the people at the Moose are in their 70s or above so meeting someone closer to my age was a treat.  We danced and talked all evening.  John asked me to go out to breakfast with him and I said sure.  I thought he meant in the morning and he wondered why I went home.  I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t call me in the morning to meet him.  We still laugh about that.  I am SO worldly, aren’t I?

John was a very social person and pure fun.  We went dancing a lot.  He played pool on a league and I would go up and watch him play.  We went camping and to the beach.  It was constant motion and I had a ball. 

When my ex’s mother was ill and dying, we prayed together and I gave her my cross necklace  I prayed and asked God to have the man He chose to be my husband give me a cross necklace and I would know that he was the one God chose for me to marry.  I told my sister Patti this but no one else.  So when John gave me the necklace I knew he was the one.  We got married March 28th, 2004.

John is a man of his word.  If he says he will do something, he does it.  He is never too busy to help someone in need.  I am always amazed that he jumps right in.  I tend to mumble and grumble about doing things but he never does.  He has taught me many lessons about serving others.

When John and I got married, we agreed that we were bringing “baggage” into the marriage and that we would let it be open and deal with it rather than pretend it didn’t exist. That way the other one would at least understand the issue.  Whenever I said something to John sarcastic or ugly he would always tell me that it was “not affirming”.  It taught me in a very gently way how to treat him.  And it also taught me how to teach him to treat me.  Our disagreements have less power because of this.

My family eats.  Everything revolves around food.  Some of us generally meet for dinner on Friday nights at a local restaurant.  Heaven forbid one of us actually cooks.  John is a very slow and light eater.  The first holiday he spent at mom’s he was overwhelmed by the amount of food we had.  A few years ago we went to Buffalo to visit Aunt Jean.  We went to favorite restaurants, visited other relatives and every place we went we ate.  After a long afternoon John whispered to me “please tell me we are not going to eat again!”

Our first Christmas together I gave John a stocking to stuff for me.  Doesn’t everyone do Christmas stockings?  Christmas morning when I opened my stocking, he had gone around the house and filled it with my very own stuff!  He didn’t understand the concept that you BUY things to put in it.  It was very funny.  Now he gets it and is a master stocking stuffer.

John is a wonderful man, he makes me happy.  He accepts me the way I am, even when he doesn’t like it.   We have had our trials and tribulations but all in all, we have a great life together.  Happy Birthday John, I love you very much.



  1. I am so glad you are happy. You have always been a special person in my life and I always thought you deserved to have a life full of blessings and gladness. Thank you for giving mom your necklace. I don’t think I knew that, but then everything seemed so surreal during that time there are probably many things I don’t remember. You were always a good sister in law, but more importantly you were and are a good friend, and a wonderful sister in Christ. Who could ask for more?

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