Saturday night there was an exhibition program with World Champion Billiard Trick Shot Artist Mike Massey at our local Trick Shots.  He is on television and has been in movies as well.  Trick Shots is five minutes from home and that is where we play league pool.  John wanted to go up and watch so I agreed.  I knew who Mike Massey was but never really watched any of his competitions on TV.

Mr. Massey put on a terrific show.  He has a fantastic way of making the audience a part of the show.  He brings audience members up to execute the shots he sets up.  I was the first one to be selected.  He asked who in the audience were members of APA (American Pool Association) and then asked who was a 2 (handicap).  I thought he was doing a type of handicap roll call or I would not have raised my hand.  In the spirit of honesty, which my blog is really about, I am going to try to post the videos our friend Toni took of this.  You get to see me in all my glory. It was so much fun.  (Have not been able to post video here but it is on my Facebook page if you want to see it.  Marilyn Weinar Polson if you want to friend me.)

Mr. Massey entertained, taught and demonstrated so much in the three hour program.  Not once did he say one off color word.  He encouraged as he taught, was willing to shoot a rack with anyone, skill level made no difference, he treated everyone the same.  During the break, he offered to sign autographs for $2.00 each.  He donates all the proceeds to a local homeless charity.    

One of his trick shots he set up, the ball ends up rolling into an open paper bag which tips the bag over and the ball rolls into the pocket.  He gave me the paper bag after the shot was complete.  I asked him to sign the bag for me. 

A lot of my friends do not understand why I would want play pool and hang out in pool halls, especially with the difficult part alcohol has played in my life.  I have always said that I felt called to be there.  Whenever I try to separate myself from it I am always drawn back.  I listen to people’s stories and offer to pray for them.  I do not give this lip service, I really do pray.  When I ask people how their issues are improving, they are usually surprised that I even remembered.  My spiritual calling is in these places, not in a church environment.

Imagine my surprise when Mr. Massey signed my paper bag:

To Marilyn Jesus Loves Us Mike Massey May 29, 2010

He has found a way to incorporate his faith into his program by the way he conducts himself.  His choice of words, donation to local charities and even his autographs speak his faith in a non-aggressive manner.  We each have a different calling.  I am more comfortable with mine every day.   I don’t have to understand why I am there, I just have to continue on the path I am called.  God provides me with everything I need, even a new role model.


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