John and I decided on a weekend of togetherness.  I have been complaining about no quality time together, spending too much time playing/practicing pool.  I thought it was time to just reconnect.

Friday evening I asked John if he would help me wax my car.   I get it waxed when I go through the car wash but it is three years old and needed a good wax job.   Saturday morning in my zombie like trance, I take the dog out back to do her business and John starts telling me all these instructions in order to get the car washed and waxed early, before the heat of the day.  Rosie and I are both looking at him through one eye, wondering why he is talking this early. 

I do fully understand that I asked John to help me so he gets to make the rules.  I don’t necessarily like it but I honor it.  I wash the car as instructed and, showing what a good sport I am, I washed his SUV as well.  John is supervising my work and helping me get the spots too high for me to reach.  He gives me stuff to clean the windows, inside and out, plus the wheels and tires.  We have to do it “right”. 

John brings out a big bag of rags and a bucket full of bottles.  First we have to towel dry the car, which John kindly does.  I am hot and have already had two bottles of water.  Rosie, who will stand by me through thick and thin, willingly went back into the house.  It is hot and there is water, she is over it.  Now we start with the wax.  I am to take my side of the car and rub the wax on and then after it dries, wipe it off.  I KNEW that, but I don’t argue, I do as instructed.  I think of the original Karate Kid movie, wax on – wax off and smile.  The hood is now done and I am already bored with this activity.  John keeps me focused and I get my side of the car done.  I am thinking how proud I am that we saved $25 doing this job ourselves. 

Out comes the next bottle, we have to put a coat of something else over what we just did.  More wax on wax off.  No longer smiling.  My arms are starting to hurt and it is hotter.  I need more water, John pushing me along.  Finish my side, done.  Nope.  Bottle number three comes out.  You have GOT to be kidding.  This is a spritz that goes on, of course, gets wiped in, and wiped off.   John is very proud of how beautiful the car looks and you can see the sparkle in the paint.  I just want to get out of the heat.  $25 is cheap for a wash and wax, I won’t EVER do this again.

Since John was such a “peach” to help me out, I treat him to lunch.  Where does he want to go?  Sushi.  Great, euuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.    But I suck it up and to sushi we go.  He is very happy and the place wasn’t that bad, lunch cost $28.  Now I am $3 in the hole.  I make him to go Bloomingdales with me to buy a baby gift for the neighbors.  He fusses at me over the cost of the gift. 

John decides he wants to go to IKEA.  We have never been so it is an adventure.  Five minutes into it, I am on sensory overload, ready to scream and cannot find the exit anywhere.  I want to go home.  I have had enough of this togetherness stuff. 

Next weekend I will do something on my own.  Anyone want to go shopping?



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