I am a very routine person.  I need to have order in my days.  My basic morning is the same every day.  I wake up, go for a walk, get ready for work.  Everything is so habitual that Rosie, our Boston Terrier, knows exactly where I am going every minute.  She darts from room to room with me. If I change one thing, she slams on her breaks and takes note.   It confuses her.  I like it this way, I accomplish everything that needs doing and it works for me. 

This is all well and good for my mornings during the week but when it carries over to the rest of my life, it causes me problems.  It suffocates me.  I need variety in my life to keep me from getting bored and complacent.  It is easy for me to fall into the trap of doing the same thing over and over because it is comfortable.  And I must admit when I get a bright idea to do something different, it is usually an interest other people don’t share.  I don’t want to go to the Farmer’s Market in Orlando that is 15 minutes from home, I want to go to the one in St. Pete that is more than 2 hours away.  I want the adventure, something different, a road trip. 

I enjoy going for a drive to nowhere, stopping for lunch and coming home.  There really doesn’t have to be a purpose except to have lunch.  Kind of like our own ” Diners, Drive-ins and Dives “ if you are a Food Network Guy Fieri fan.  John and I used to do this but somehow we have gotten away from it, which is a real shame.  This takes me out of my comfort zone but it also allows me to relax.  If I stay home, I am in constant motion.  There is always a chore to be done; a floor to be mopped, laundry to be folded.  I rarely sit still and do nothing. 

I have to be honest though; there is also another side to this story.  I have discovered I only want to be adventurous doing the things I want.  I am not necessarily “all in” when John has a bright idea.  He wanted to go bowling with his church group and I did not want to go.  I love the people, but bowling?   He has talked about this outing for over a week and each time I whined and complained like a child.  He knew that I would go and that I would have a good time once I got there and he was right.  We had a ball.  It was FUN.  We laughed, cheered each other on and celebrated each other’s success.   Who knew I would like bowling?  John did, and he doesn’t like to bowl at all.  How funny is that?

I don’t think it was really about the bowling, it was more about doing something different.  I keep looking for new things to do and have to be ready to step outside the norm and give it a try.  If anyone has any other bright ideas, send them my way.  I can’t promise I will actually do it, but I will certainly give it some thought.  And probably whine and complain like a child in the process.  Isn’t it progress, not perfection?


2 thoughts on “ROUTINE OR NOT?

  1. Canoeing, fishing, riding bikes, or hiking in new places. With each of them there is a challenge, and each provides an opportunity to slow down and appreciate nature, if you go with someone you love you have an opportunity to talk about all kinds of things and share precious time together, and last but not least it gives you an opportunity to really thank God for the time together and the blessings that surround you. You don’t even have to be any good at doing these things, it’s about focusing on the important things in life.

    • You are so right Pinky. I enjoy being outside way more than inside. But not the canoeing … boats and I don’t get along and anything floating on the water (besides me!) is a boat! haha. Focusing on the important things in life is the simpliest thing there is, and yet the hardest to do. Thanks for the input! xxoo

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