I believe in doing Gratitude lists to keep me focused on my blessings.  It helps me to stay positive and, well, grateful.  I was taught a method that helps me to find hidden treasures that I might forget about if I don’t concentrate.  It is called the ABC’s of Gratitude.  So here we go for today:

A.            Ascension, my church

B.            Barb

C.            Chicken wings, I love them!  

D.            Dad, I miss him

E.            Estroven – it keeps me sane!

F.            Friends, every one of them

G.           God’s presence in my life, my garden

H.            Home

I.             Instincts, they have served me well

J.             John, my husband; Jack, my brother-in-law

K.            Kin; aunts, uncles, cousins

L.             Laughter

M.          Mom, Max and Marathon

N.           Nieces and nephews

O.           Oceans, my favorite place to be; Orchids, Orlando Magic!

P.            Patti, prayer

Q.           Quiet time to myself

R.            Rosie, our Boston terrier; Roses, my favorite flower

S.            Silence, singing

T.            Television, I have to be honest, don’t I?

U.           Umbrellas, although I rarely have one with me when I need it

V.            Viennese Waltz, it was Mom and Dad’s favorite and it is beautiful

W.          Walks

X.            X-rays with positive news

Y.            Yoga

Z.            Zippers that go UP!  And Z88.3, my favorite radio station

I cannot say that I do this daily, but I do it often.  When I am done, I have at least 26 things that I am grateful and how can you be sad after that?  Because I am focused on being grateful, I end up thinking of new things to add to the list all day.  That is how I keep an attitude of gratitude.  Feel free to give it a try!


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