I have thought of doing a bucket list several times and never get very far.  I can come up with several trips I would like to take so I will start there.  The first four are actually something I should be able to accomplish.

  • New York City at Christmas time
  • Washington DC
  • New Orleans (NOT for Mardi Gras)
  • A cruise to anywhere
  • Rome
  • Alaska

I have been blessed enough to have lived in Germany and visited France, Holland, Switzerland and Austria.  I have also lived in Texas and Oklahoma (God help me!) and visited Wyoming, California, New York State and City, Niagara Falls (US side), Pennsylvania, Savannah and Helen (Georgia) and Virginia.  Do U.S. states count if you only drove through them?  If so, then there are a lot more I have seen from the highway.  Living in Florida gives me the opportunity to visit the beach anytime and I am most grateful for that.  I love the beach. 

I cannot think of anything else that I want to do in particular.  It sounds so odd but I am not a person who dreams big anymore.  I try really hard to stay in today and not get too far ahead of myself.   I have a habit of dreaming the impossible, expecting too much and being disappointed.  I am probably one of the few people that went to Disney World and was disappointed.  The images I built in my head were so much greater than the reality, it just couldn’t compete.

There are many things I like but obtaining them won’t make my world any happier.  If I won the lottery, I’d probably give most of it away.  It would be nice to not work anymore; I have worked all my life.  But that doesn’t seem to be reality so I don’t dream about it. 

I would like to see Bette Midler in concert.  I have been to several concerts and enjoyed every one, but never got the opportunity to see Bette. That would be amazing.

I volunteered for numerous organizations and enjoyed my time with them.  I have been praying for something to do that I can be passionate about and a friend of mine told me that she sees passion when I talk about my blog.  I enjoy writing my thoughts and hope others enjoy reading them. 

If a Bucket List is supposed to be for the things I want to accomplish before I die, I either have very low expectations or have lived a pretty full life.  I’ve been in love a few times, been sadder than I thought I could bear and survived, travelled to foreign lands, have a job I love and dear friends and family that love me.  I don’t think I can ask for much more than the life I have lived.  I wouldn’t change a thing. Really, I wouldn’t.


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