Why is it that some people are so easy to buy for and others so hard?  I don’t think that it has anything to do with how well we know someone but more about how much they reveal about themselves.

My mom doesn’t tell anyone what she would like.  She says that we should know.  Worse yet, she will go out days before Christmas and buy herself something that would have been a nice gift.  I do not agree with this philosophy at all. I tell anyone who asks what I want.  I give lists if asked.  If you care enough to ask me what I want, I care enough to tell you.  Even if you don’t get me something from my list, at least you have an idea.  I am hopelessly practical so it is rare that my list will be anything but practical.

Some people are easier than others because they like everything.  And some people have a year when they need everything.  People with hobbies are easy but that gets boring after awhile.  I want to give a gift that is wanted and I love to come up with the unexpected.  Sometimes I get so excited about what I came up with that I almost spill the beans trying to hold it all in.

I try to pick one person each year and do something really special.  This year is Mom.  I don’t know if she will think it is special, but I do.  When I was in elementary school, Mom made cupcakes for my class forValentine’s Day.  She put the name of each child on the cupcake.  I thought that was so special and it is one of my fondest memories.  My younger sister has the heart shaped cupcake pans now.  She used them for her children and, I’m sure will pass them on for her grandchildren one day.  On to present day, us kids started Mom a Pandora charm bracelet last year.  I decided to get her the heart shaped charm but wasn’t sure if she would “get” it.  So I had heart shaped cupcakes made for everyone that will be at our Christmas Eve celebration, with their names on it.  I intend to give Mom her cupcake first, with the charm.  Then everyone else can have theirs.  It is my memory to share.  I hope Mom “gets” it and I hope everyone enjoys it.  What good are memories if we don’t share them?

Don’t spoil the secret, we have two more days until Christmas Eve!  I want Mom to be surprised.

Merry Christmas and peace to everyone.


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