I love starting my day with a walk.  I get up at 6:30AM, get my sweet Rosie ready (the dog) and we go for a 2 mile walk.  Some days the pace is fast and others are slow, but my day just goes better when I get my walk in.  I eat healthier, my attitude is more positive and I handle stress easier. 

                I ran on and off for years, mostly off.  A walk was what I enjoyed.  When I quit smoking in 1996, the doctor told me to do things that I could not do if I smoked.  So I started running again.  I ran up until the time I gained too much weight to run anymore and returned to walking. 

                My body took on a new shape, one I am not proud of, but it is what it is.  I heard muscle burns fat but I believe that my muscle and fat have made friends with each other and live together in a conspiracy. 

                There is a regular group of us each morning walking around the park.  We greet each other as we pass and miss each other when we aren’t there.  One lady asked my name so we could address each other properly.  I liked that. 

               Rosie is so accustomed to the routine, if we miss a day she pouts.  She knows which route we are taking by the direction we go out of the driveway.  Right is the long way, left is the short.  Rosie always leads to the right and succumbs when we go left.  All the other dogs think she is the luckiest ever.

               I never carry music with me while walking.  It is my time alone with God, time to let my mind go where it needs to go without me editing out all the junk.  God understands.  He knows what is in my head better than I do.  I say my prayers for all my friend’s special needs that I am aware of and solutions to problems pop up easily.  I hear God’s voice better, clearer.  I gain direction and peace.  And I can find my part in conflicts and forgive.  My heart softens. 

               And I am ready to face the real world for another day.


One thought on “WALKING

  1. hi marilyn, love your posts. i read through them backwards, ending with this one. some of my favorite parts were: the serenity prayer reworded, cupcake present for your mom, and the whole walking post. it read like a poem/meditation/prayer.

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